Compression Patients

What We Do

From travel socks to complex custom compression garments for men and women, we are your solution for your day and night time compression needs. Our expertly trained fitters will help you and your therapist or doctor determine the appropriate garments for your specific needs. Whether it be vascular issues or complicated lymphedema, we have the garments you need.

Why Us

We know internet shopping is a more convenient way to shop. What we offer above and beyond is customer service. We stand by our products and our vendors and can easily troubleshoot any fit issues you may have with your garments. Shop local and know you are getting the best fit and garment for you!

We are working on getting most of our products online for purchase and reorders. 

What to Expect

We work to ensure that you receive just the right fit for your compression garments.  Whether you are needing ready made, or custom measured products to help reduce, or maintain swelling, we can help.

Although it is not required that we work with your insurance to provide you with compression garments, it is important to know what to expect if your insurance company needs to be involved:

  • Your therapist, or doctor, also should ask about the symptoms you’ve noticed, such as heaviness, tingling, or swelling, as well as their patterns of onset and triggers.
  • Your therapist, or doctor, should ask about any pain in the arm, chest, trunk, or whatever part of the body is affected — what the pain feels like, how long it lasts, how intense it is.
  • Your therapist, or doctor, should look for changes in the skin and soft tissue of the affected area.
  • Your therapist, or doctor, will be the person to determine your symptoms and diagnosis.
  • Your therapist, or doctor, will need to provide a prescription which includes your diagnosis and the types of products you are needing, along with the compression level. They will also need to provide medical notes.

Once you have scheduled an appointment, one of our expert fitters will get you measured. Please note that if you are coming right after a therapy session, or have been wrapped for a few days, we do not unwrap, or wrap you. We will get you properly measured for your garments. For ready to wear garments your appointment may take 15-20 minutes. If we have your size in stock we will show you how to properly put on your garment and go over the care instructions. If your size is not in stock we will have it dropped shipped directly to you. For all custom garments allow for at least 45 minutes for your visit. Your garments will have to be ordered. If you are new to wearing compression garments we have you come back once your garments have come in. We then make sure that all fits well and that you understand the wear and care instructions.


We work with most insurance plans; however, not all insurance plans cover compression, or may require an authorization to be covered. Please contact us regarding your particular plan.

Upper Extremity Garments

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  • Custom Garments
  • Nighttime Garments

Lower Extremity Garments

  • Off-the-Shelf Garments
  • Custom Garments
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